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Rural Healthcare Workforce – News

News stories from the past 60 days.

Mar 17, 2020 - Addresses the lack of access to physicians and specialists in rural areas, attributes the shortage to doctors not wanting to live in rural areas, low numbers of medical school students with roots in rural areas, and the increasing closures of rural hospitals. Discusses how technology can help to decrease the gap and connect patients to needed medical care.
Source: Health Day
Mar 10, 2020 - Covers existing disparities between the health of rural and urban Americans, describes research from the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) on the role of Family Physicians (FPs) in improving rural healthcare delivery. Includes proposed solutions from the ABFM to maintain the presence of FPs in rural areas.
Source: Annals of Family Medicine
Feb 11, 2020 - Summarizes a study which showed that rural doctors have salaries approximately 5 to 10 percent higher than doctors practicing in urban areas. Describes the importance of offering higher salaries, tuition assistance and other incentives to recruit healthcare professionals to work in rural communities.
Source: The Daily Yonder

Last Updated: 3/17/2020