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Rural Health
Funding by Topic: Tobacco use

Summaries of funding programs are provided by RHIhub for your convenience. Please contact the funder directly for the most complete and current information.

Minnesota Health Disparities Pilot Grants
Grants to encourage community-initiated research and foster sustainable long-term collaboration between community-based organizations and academic researchers on research projects focused on reducing and eliminating health disparities in Minnesota.
Geographic coverage: Minnesota
Letter of Intent (Required): Feb 4, 2022
Application Deadline: Apr 15, 2022
Sponsor: University of Minnesota
Tobacco Control and Lung Cancer Screening in Texas
Grants to fund programs in Texas that focus on tobacco prevention and cessation or screening for early detection of lung cancer, with the goal of developing more programs across the state, providing greater access for underserved populations, and reducing the incidence and mortality rates of tobacco related cancers.
Geographic coverage: Texas
Application Deadline: Feb 9, 2022
Sponsor: Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas
Connecticut Health and Environmental Justice Grants
Grants for projects in Connecticut that focus on health, environmental justice, and disparities in health outcomes based on geographic location.
Geographic coverage: Connecticut
Application Deadline: Feb 15, 2022
Sponsor: Connecticut Community Foundation
Tobacco Regulatory Science (R01 Clinical Trial Optional)
Grants to support biomedical and behavioral research that will provide scientific data to inform regulation of tobacco products to protect public health. Projects may focus on one or more classes of tobacco products and on one or more vulnerable populations.
Geographic coverage: Nationwide
Letter of Intent (Optional): Dec 15, 2021
Application Deadline: Feb 15, 2022
Sponsors: National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, U.S. Food and Drug Administration
South Dakota Tobacco Control Program Tobacco Disparities Grant
Grants for tobacco prevention and control activities in South Dakota that are aimed at reducing disparate tobacco use among youth and young adults, American Indians, pregnant women, people of low socioeconomic status, and people with behavioral health conditions.
Geographic coverage: South Dakota
Application Deadline: Mar 11, 2022
Sponsor: South Dakota Department of Health
Tobacco Control Policies to Promote Health Equity (R01 and R21 Clinical Trial Optional)
Funding for observational or intervention research focused on reducing disparities in tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure. Populations of focus include older individuals, black Americans, Hispanics, people with low socioeconomic status, and people living outside metropolitan areas.
Geographic coverage: Nationwide and U.S. Territories
Application Deadline: Sep 8, 2023
Sponsors: National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Truth Initiative Tobacco/Vape-Free College Program Inactive
Grants and technical assistance for minority-serving institutions and community colleges to support the adoption and implementation of a 100% tobacco/vape-free college-wide policy by December, 2023. Colleges that were early adopters of 100% smoke or tobacco-free policies may also apply to include e-cigarettes.
Geographic coverage: Nationwide and U.S. Territories
Application Deadline: Jan 20, 2022
Sponsor: Truth Initiative
Social and Behavioral Intervention Research to Address Modifiable Risk Factors for Cancer in Rural Populations (R01 Clinical Trial Required) Inactive
Funding to develop, adapt, and test interventions to address risk factors for cancer in rural populations. Applications should focus on primary prevention and assess and address one or more of the social and behavioral risk factors that contribute to cancer disparities in rural populations: tobacco use; diet, physical activity and weight; alcohol use; UV exposure; and HPV vaccination.
Geographic coverage: Nationwide and U.S. Territories
Letter of Intent (Optional): Dec 18, 2021
Application Deadline: Jan 18, 2022
Sponsors: National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Minnesota Quit Partner Ambassador Grants Inactive
Grants for increasing awareness and knowledge of Quit Partner programs in Minnesota communities that are disproportionally impacted by commercial tobacco with the intention of increasing utilization and ultimately reducing commercial tobacco use rates among adults.
Geographic coverage: Minnesota
Letter of Intent (Optional): Nov 12, 2021
Application Deadline: Dec 14, 2021
Sponsor: Minnesota Department of Health
Barclay-Giel ​Seed Grants Inactive
Grants for public health projects that have a strong disease and/or injury prevention component that impacts the health of a community by promoting wellness, early detection, and early interventions. Priorities include opioids and addiction, tobacco, community health and economic prosperity, oral health, emerging public health threats, and stopping the spread of health misinformation. Past awards have been given for projects in rural and tribal communities.
Geographic coverage: Nationwide
Application Deadline: Nov 12, 2021
Sponsor: U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Officers Foundation