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Jul 5, 2024 - Describes process by which Randolph County, Illinois used grant funding to transform part of an underused county-owned nursing home into a behavioral health center. The county held stakeholder meetings to address initial opposition among community members and created a consensus around development of a center.
Source: National Association of Counties
Jul 3, 2024 - Discusses the lack of electricity, and subsequently air conditioning, in homes during periods of extreme heat on the Navajo Nation. Details some of the obstacles accessing electricity and some of the entities that are working to overcome them.
Source: CNN
Jul 3, 2024 - Discusses health-related challenges in Bastrop County, Texas, a Health Professional Shortage Area for primary care, dental care, and mental health care. The county has a high percentage of uninsured people, few transportation options in rural areas, and a lack of maternal health services.
Source: Community Impact
Jul 3, 2024 - Discusses how a remote patient monitoring program in northern Minnesota is increasing access to care and resources for rural pregnant women. Details the program's structure and highlights the use of in-home telehealth appointments, physical monitoring equipment, and arranging transportation for in-person care.
Source: HealthLeaders Media
Jul 1, 2024 - The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) is allowing an additional 30 days for comments on proposed updates to the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS) – Household and Medical Provider Components (MEPS-HC). Proposed changes include wording changes that will help identify telehealth utilization and access, as well as maintain consistency between Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems 5.1 and MEPS-HC questionnaire items. Comments are due by July 31, 2024.
Source: Federal Register
Jul 1, 2024 - Nonprofit organization Teen Turf and the Ogle County Health Department in Illinois have partnered to create 4 rural mini food centers, where food is available 24/7. Funding for the project came from a 3-year grant providing $500,000 each year, and also supports education, a community garden, and gardening classes in collaboration with University of Illinois Extension.
Source: The Amboy News
Jun 29, 2024 - Describes Snohomish County, Washington's "community conversations" program, providing information about opioid use misconceptions and stigma. The events are part of Snohomish County's efforts to address racial, income and geographic barriers in behavioral health care.
Source: HeraldNet
Jun 28, 2024 - The American Public Health Association is seeking submissions of articles focused on partnerships and collaborations between public health and primary care to be featured in a special issue of the American Journal of Public Health. Includes details on themes of interest, including a request for submissions focused on approaches that increase access to primary care in rural and hard-to-reach settings. Submissions are due November 1, 2024.
Source: American Public Health Association
Jun 28, 2024 - Profiles the community paramedicine program launched by the local emergency medical services department in Terlingua, a small town in rural west Texas. The Terlingua program is being funded as part of a $5 million U.S. Department of Agriculture rural development grant, with no guarantees for long-term funding.
Source: Marketplace
Jun 28, 2024 - Washington Senator Maria Cantwell cosponsored legislation aiming to increase rural hospitals' reimbursements through Medicaid, in order to help keep maternity wards open in rural Washington communities. The legislation would give rural hospitals and hospitals with a high percentage of births among Medicaid patients a 150% Medicaid reimbursement rate.
Source: Northwest Public Broadcasting