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Apr 10, 2024 - Discusses mental healthcare access for children in Michigan schools, noting that workforce shortages most impact rural areas. Discusses funding, recruitment and retention, and training.
Source: The Mining Journal
Apr 10, 2024 - Notice of final rule from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopting a Report and Order amending existing rules and requirements governing the management and administration of the Universal Service Fund (USF) high-cost program. Changes will streamline processes, align timelines, and refine certain rules to more precisely address specific situations experienced by carriers. This rule is effective May 10, 2024, except for amendments to sections 36.4 (amendatory instruction 2), 54.205 (amendatory instruction 7), 54.313 (amendatory instruction 10), 54.314 (amendatory instruction 11), 54.316 (amendatory instruction 13), 54.903 (amendatory instruction 18), and 54.1306 (amendatory instruction 22), which are delayed indefinitely.
Source: Federal Register
Apr 10, 2024 - Announces proposed bipartisan legislation modifying regulations for Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) in mountainous areas. Legislation would allow ambulatory services with enhanced Medicare payments as well as protecting CAH designation when a new facility is constructed within 15 miles.
Source: Office of Senator Joe Manchin
Apr 10, 2024 - Highlights the work of promotoras in rural Northern California including assisting eligible residents with enrolling in Medicaid. Discusses the impact of Health Provider Shortage Areas (HPSAs) on healthcare access, policy, and insurance access for undocumented farmworkers.
Source: Ethnic Media Services
Apr 10, 2024 - Discusses the need for mental health services in schools and how states around the country have used Medicaid reimbursement to fund those services. Notes recent policy changes that have made this possible and highlights challenges that remain in using Medicaid reimbursement, particularly for rural school districts.
Source: The Commonwealth Fund
Apr 9, 2024 - Describes the needs of older adults in rural communities, discussing access to support services, healthcare, and social engagement.
Source: The Daily Yonder
Apr 9, 2024 - Highlights a mental telehealth service in Nebraska that increases access to care in rural areas. Patients are able to receive a behavioral health assessment in their local hospital, which can be quicker and more convenient when services are multiple hours away.
Source: KOLN
Apr 8, 2024 - Discusses the mortality rate disparity between rural and urban residents following recent research showing the gap has widened to 43% in 2019 from 6% in 1999 for adults between 25 and 54. Offers analysis by experts on causes of this disparity including social vulnerability factors, community vitality, and insurance rates. Discusses the potential impact of COVID-19 on current mortality rates.
Source: CBS News, KFF Health News
Apr 8, 2024 - Describes the impact of a new federal grant on telehealth access in rural Alabama. Notes that substance use disorder and mental health disorder healthcare in particular is expected to increase.
Source: Alabama Daily News
Apr 8, 2024 - Highlights a new mobile medical unit expanding mental healthcare access for veterans in Montana and Wyoming. The unit is the first offering transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy, a treatment typically given daily for multiple days. Receiving treatment through the mobile unit reduces transportation barriers for rural and frontier veterans.
Source: VA News