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California Health Care Foundation (CHCF)

An independent, philanthropic organization committed to improving California's healthcare delivery and financing systems. Focuses on informing health policy decisions, advancing efficient business practices, improving the quality and efficiency of care delivery, and promoting informed healthcare and coverage decisions.
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Funding & Opportunities (2)

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  • California Population Health Learning Network, view details

Resources (18)

  • Accountable Care Organizations in California: Programmatic and Legal Considerations, 07/2011, view details
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  • Designing Safety-Net Clinics for Innovative Care Delivery Models, 03/2011, view details
  • Federally Qualified Health Centers and State Health Policy: A Primer for California, 07/2009, view details
  • Fewer and More Specialized: A New Assessment of Physician Supply in California, 06/2009, view details
  • The Financial Health of California's Critical Access Hospitals, 02/2010, view details
  • A Guide to Graduate Medical Education Funding in California, 09/2018, view details
  • The Impact of Federal Stimulus Funds on Community Health Centers in California, 07/2009, view details
  • Is Bigger Better? Exploring the Impact of System Membership on Rural Hospitals, 05/2018, view details
  • Outside the Box: Case Studies in Creative Clinic Design, 06/2010, view details
  • Palliative Care in California: Narrowing the Gap, 06/2018, view details
  • Remedy for the Rural Opioid Epidemic: Leaders Discuss Medication-Assisted Addiction Treatment in Primary Care, 07/2016, view details
  • Strategic Restructuring for Community Clinics: Options and Examples, 06/2009, view details
  • Telehealth in Community Clinics: Three Case Studies in Implementation, 11/2010, view details
  • Training Tomorrow's Physicians: Recommendations for Expanding Graduate Medical Education Funding in California, 02/2019, view details