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Office of Inspector General (HHS) (OIG)

Provides oversight to programs within the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in an effort to protect against fraud, waste and abuse and to improve the efficiency of programs.

Resources (44)

  • Access to Mental Health Services at Indian Health Service and Tribal Facilities, 09/2011, view details
  • ACOs' Strategies for Transitioning to Value-Based Care: Lessons From the Medicare Shared Savings Program, 07/2019, view details
  • CMS Has Yet to Enforce a Statutory Provision Related to Rural Health Clinics, 09/2014, view details
  • Compendium of Priority Recommendations: March 2014, 03/2014, view details
  • Compendium of Unimplemented Recommendations: April 2016, 04/2016, view details
  • Compendium of Unimplemented Recommendations: December 2012 Edition, 12/2012, view details
  • Compendium of Unimplemented Recommendations: March 2015, 03/2015, view details
  • Compendium of Unimplemented Recommendations: May 2017, 05/2017, view details
  • Hospital Closure: 1987, 05/1989, view details
  • Hospital Closure: 1988, 03/1990, view details
  • Hospital Closure: 1989, 1991, view details
  • Hospital Closure: 1990, 1991, view details
  • Hospital Closure: 1991, 12/1992, view details
  • Hospital Closure: 1992, 02/1994, view details
  • Hospital Closure: 1993, 01/1995, view details
  • Hospital Closure: 1994, 02/1996, view details
  • Hospital Closure: 1995, 11/1996, view details
  • Hospital Closure: 1996, 02/1998, view details
  • Hospital Closure: 1997, 01/1999, view details
  • Hospital Closure: 1998, 07/2000, view details
  • Hospital Closure: 1999, 03/2001, view details
  • Hospital Closure: 2000, 06/2002, view details
  • Hospital Closures: 1990-1999, 12/2001, view details
  • Hospitals Largely Reported Addressing Requirements for EHR Contingency Plans, 07/2016, view details
  • IHS Needs to Improve Oversight of Its Hospitals' Opioid Prescribing and Dispensing Practices and Consider Centralizing Its Information Technology Functions, 07/2019, view details
  • The Indian Health Service Did Not Always Resolve Audit Recommendations in Accordance With Federal Requirements, 09/2018, view details
  • Indian Health Service Has Strengthened Patient Protection Policies but Must Fully Integrate Them into Practice and Organizational Culture, 12/2019, view details
  • Indian Health Service Hospitals: Longstanding Challenges Warrant Focused Attention to Support Quality Care, 10/2016, view details
  • Indian Health Service Hospitals: More Monitoring Needed to Ensure Quality Care, 10/2016, view details
  • Medical Assistance Facilities: A Demonstration Program to Provide Access to Health Care in Frontier Communities, 07/1993, view details
  • Medicare Beneficiaries Paid Nearly Half of the Costs for Outpatient Services at Critical Access Hospitals Report, 10/2014, view details
  • Medicare Could Have Saved Billions at Critical Access Hospitals If Swing-Bed Services Were Reimbursed Using the Skilled Nursing Facility Prospective Payment System Rates, 03/2015, view details
  • Most Critical Access Hospitals Would Not Meet the Location Requirements if Required to Re-Enroll in Medicare, 08/2013, view details
  • OIG Advisory Opinion No. 15-13, 10/2015, view details
  • Organizational Challenges to Improving Quality of Care in Indian Health Service Hospitals, 08/2019, view details
  • Provider Shortages and Limited Availability of Behavioral Health Services in New Mexico's Medicaid Managed Care, 09/2019, view details
  • Retail Pharmacy Participation in Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans in 2006, 06/2007, view details
  • Review of the Relationship between Medicare Part D Payments to Local, Community Pharmacies and the Pharmacies' Drug Acquisition Costs, 01/2008, view details
  • Rosebud Hospital: Indian Health Service Management of Emergency Department Closure and Reopening, A Case Study, 07/2019, view details
  • Significant Vulnerabilities Exist in the Hospital Wage Index System for Medicare Payments, 11/2018, view details
  • Solutions to Reduce Fraud, Waste, and Abuse in HHS Programs: OIG's Top Recommendations, 07/2019, view details
  • Status of the Rural Health Clinic Program, 08/2005, view details
  • Trends in Rural Hospital Closure: 1987-1991, 07/1993, view details
  • Trends in Rural Hospital Closure: 1990 - 2000, 05/2003, view details