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Kansas Health Institute (KHI)

Provides engagement, education, and nonpartisan research to inform healthcare policy in Kansas.
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  • Expanding the Care Team: Leveraging a Broad Workforce to Improve Health Care in Kansas, 01/2024, view details
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  • Implications of an Aging Primary Care Physician Workforce in Kansas, 04/2020, view details
  • KanCare Unwinding Data by Age and County as of Feb. 29, 2024, view details
  • Kansas Marketplace Enrollment, 2023, 11/2023, view details
  • The Role of Hospitals in Population Health: Findings from National Conversations, Statewide Survey and Local Perspectives, 06/2019, view details
  • Service & Resource Sharing in Rural Settings: A Perspective Report - Overcoming Common Barriers Faced by Rural Local Health Departments, 01/2024, view details
  • Tobacco Retail Licensing and Zoning in Kansas, 02/2022, view details
  • Uninsured Rates Across Kansas Counties, September 2020, 09/2020, view details
  • Urban-Rural Differences in Suicide Rates and Leading Means in Kansas, 09/2021, view details