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Rural Health Information Hub

Lake County Tribal Health Consortium, Inc.

  • Project Title: Lake County Tribal Health Consortium, Inc.
  • Grant Period: FY2021 Rural Health Care Services Outreach Program (Outreach Track), 2021-2025
  • Program Representative Interviewed: Gemalli Austin, Diabetes Education and Programs Manager
  • Location: Lakeport, California
  • Program Overview: Lake County Tribal Health Consortium's goal is to promote equitable standards of care among underserved populations by increasing access to information and promoting healthy living for Native American and Latino populations with chronic diseases. They offer a chronic disease self-management and diabetes self-management program, tailored to be culturally appropriate, as well as evidence-based supplemental programs to encourage wellness. These programs include Bingocize, which promotes mobility among older populations, HomeMeds medication audit and reconciliation, and a Walk with Ease walking group.

    Lake County Tribal Health has partnerships with local clinics and a dietitian, as well as tribal leaders and community councils, who help identify community needs and assist with recruitment. They note the importance of identifying engaging and enthusiastic program coordinators and trainers with first-hand experience in managing chronic diseases and knowledge of the community. Strengths of the program include a focus on understanding and customizing interventions to the intended audience, such as by making nutrition classes culturally appropriate and scheduling sessions after work hours. Most importantly, they recommend that rural chronic disease programs focus on creating a community of support and making programs fun; they attribute the social aspect of their programs as a main motivator for sustained participation.

    To assess program impact, Lake County Tribal Health monitors health outcomes of program participants, such as weight loss, A1C levels, and blood pressure. They also assess the program's impact on social determinants of health, including improved social connections, decreased loneliness, access to transportation, and food security.

Models represented by this program: