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Flagler County Fire Rescue Community Paramedicine Program

  • Program Representative Interviewed: Caryn Prather, Community Paramedic
  • Location: Flagler County, Florida
  • Program Overview: The Flagler County Fire Rescue Community Paramedicine Program was first developed to address the needs of 10 patients who were frequent emergency service utilizers (people who had called 911 more than twice in the past four months) and now has enrolled over 200 patients. The program identifies new patients for the program by monitoring the Flagler County Fire Rescue reporting system and receiving referrals from paramedics who have visited a patient's home multiple times in the past week. The patient population typically includes individuals who experience chronic heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema, diabetes, and falls. Program staff perform home safety inspections, hospital discharge education, blood sugar education for patients with diabetes, and vital sign checks for patients with chronic heart failure and COPD. Some program staff are also certified to administer vaccinations to patients. The program receives supplemental help from paramedics on light duty and program volunteers with a clinical background.

Models represented by this program: