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Rural Health Information Hub

Queen Anne's County Mobile Integrated Community Health (MICH) Program

  • Program Representative Interviewed: Jared Smith, Program Manager
  • Location: Queen Anne's County, Maryland
  • Program Overview: Queen Anne's County Mobile Integrated Community Health (MICH) Program sends paramedics and community nurses on home visits. The nurse performs comprehensive health and social needs screenings while the paramedic conducts physical assessments and home safety checks. This arrangement has made it possible to deliver the program without requiring additional training for their paramedics. The program conducts home safety checks; medication inventories; and assessments of physical health, health literacy, medical history, financial status, and social networks. The first in-home visit also includes a televisit with a pharmacist at a local hospital to discuss the patient's medications. Patients may have an additional telehealth appointment if the community paramedic and nurse identify medication changes during a follow up visit. Based on the results of the health and safety assessments, the community nurse connects patients with medical resources, including a medical home and insurance services. After the initial visit, the program follows up with patients in three-month intervals, alternating between phone calls and home visits. The program graduates 75% of patients out of the program after one year.

Models represented by this program: