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Rural Health Information Hub

Nevada Rural Hospital Partners Community Paramedicine Program

  • Grant Period: Rural Health Network Development Program (2017-2020)
  • Program Representative Interviewed: Matt Walker, CEO William Bee Ririe Hospital
  • Location: Ely, Nevada
  • Program Overview: The Nevada Rural Hospital Partners Community Paramedicine Program targets patients with chronic conditions who are frequent utilizers of emergency department services. Patients are enrolled in the program under a specialized care plan determined by their primary care provider with the goal of reducing their ED visits and hospital readmissions. The program provides patients with biometric health screening devices that record blood pressure, blood oxygen, weight, and activity remotely through a Bluetooth system. The system records these data points in the patient's health record, allowing the patient's providers to monitor their health and follow up if the data indicate a change in status. The program serves patients of all payer types but primarily receives reimbursement from Nevada Medicaid.

Models represented by this program: