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Rural Health Information Hub

University of Maryland (UMD) Horowitz Center for Health Literacy

  • Program Representatives Interviewed: Cynthia Baur, Endowed Chair and Director
  • Location: College Park, Maryland
  • Program Overview: The University of Maryland (UMD) Horowitz Center for Health Literacy is a research center dedicated to promoting health literacy through research, education, and service projects. Examples of their projects include:

    • Health Literacy Champions Toolkit – The Health Literacy Champions Toolkit is an assessment and planning tool designed for organizations and local health departments. It was developed in partnership with the Nebraska Association of Local Health Directors. This Ohio testimonial describes how local health departments in Ohio have used the Health Literacy Champions Toolkit.
    • Prevention Research Center (PRC) COVID-19 Vaccine Communication Project – The Horowitz Center is working with the UMD PRC to create communications resources for Maryland Local Health Improvement Coalitions and LGBTQ-serving organizations. These resources allow partners to increase vaccine confidence through clear communications. In this project, the Horowitz Center provides support to rural counties in Maryland to identify vaccine communication challenges and develop curated social media content for local health departments.
    • HealthyMe/MiSalud – With funding from the National Institutes of Health, the Horowitz Center is developing a smartphone application known as HealthyMe/MiSalud. This application is intended for English-speaking African Americans and Spanish-speaking Hispanic adults. It aims to help them develop health goals, build personal health libraries, gain access to preventive health and medical information, and make informed health decisions.
    • Health Literacy, Oral Health, and Diabetes Prevention Work – The Horowitz Center runs several projects to build knowledge about the importance of oral health and diabetes prevention and management. The website provides oral health graphics and information on their contributions to the Maryland Diabetes Action Plan.

    In addition to these projects, the Horowitz Center is an active member of the Maryland Rural Health Planning Committee. Funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration, the Maryland Rural Health Planning Committee is a workgroup of five Maryland counties alongside other stakeholders, including nonprofits, hospitals, and the Maryland Area Health Education Center.

Models represented by this program: