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Telehealth Use in Rural Healthcare – News

News stories from the past 60 days.

Apr 12, 2021 - Notice of final rule from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) extending the administrative responsibilities of the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) and directing USAC to administer the remainder of Round 1 and all of Round 2 funding for the COVID-19 Telehealth Program. This rule is effective April 12, 2021, and applicable February 2, 2021.
Source: Federal Register
Apr 9, 2021 - Notice of final rule from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) establishes rules and processes to further distribute funding through the COVID-19 Telehealth Program to healthcare providers. The Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 (CAA) provides $249.95 million in new funds for Round 2 of the program to help healthcare providers offer telehealth and connected care services. This rule adopts additional requirements, processes, and application evaluation metrics for Round 2 funding as outlined in the CAA. This rule is effective April 9, 2021.
Source: Federal Register
Apr 9, 2021 - The National Quality Forum (NQF) requests public comments on the Environmental Scan Draft Report, Leveraging Quality Measurement to Improve Rural Health, Telehealth, and Healthcare System Readiness. The report includes an overview of policies and measures related to telehealth, healthcare system readiness, and rural health outcomes in disasters. Comments are due May 7, 2021.
Source: National Quality Forum
Mar 2, 2021 - The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) is seeking published and unpublished scientific information submissions to inform its review on Improving Rural Health Through Telehealth-Guided Provider-to-Provider Communication. The full review protocol is available for review on the AHRQ website. Submissions are due by April 1, 2021.
Source: Federal Register
Feb 25, 2021 - The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced its investment of $42.3 million to help rural residents gain access to healthcare and educational opportunities. Funding is provided to 86 projects through the Distance Learning and Telemedicine (DLT) grant program and will help bolster remote access to healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture
Feb 23, 2021 - Features Project ECHO, a telementoring program created by a gastroenterologist in New Mexico, that connects specialists with physicians in rural areas and those working at state prisons to treat cases of hepatitis C through remote sessions. Describes how the program expanded to treat other health conditions in various states and adapted to address challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Source: High Country News

Last Updated: 4/12/2021