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Telehealth Use in Rural Healthcare – News

News stories from the past 60 days.

Dec 1, 2023 - Notice of final rule from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) revising an information collection regarding the Rural Health Care Program. The FCC and the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) will use the information to determine if entities are eligible for funding pursuant to the Rural Health Care universal service support mechanism, to determine whether entities are complying with the Commission's rules, and to prevent waste, fraud, and abuse. The effective date is December 1, 2023.
Source: Federal Register
Nov 30, 2023 - The Sexual Assault Forensic Examination Telehealth (SAFE-T) System, a trauma-informed care model, has been recognized for its role in increasing access to evidence-based sexual assault care in rural communities.
Source: Pennsylvania State University
Nov 27, 2023 - Highlights the New England Telehealth Consortium (NETC) which is celebrating its 10th anniversary. NETC works to increase and maintain broadband and telehealth infrastructure for rural healthcare providers in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Discusses previous successes of NETC and future goals.
Source: Bangor Daily News
Nov 24, 2023 - Highlights the use of telehealth in rural ambulance services in South Dakota, useful for rural medics with less experience treating severe injuries. Notes that South Dakota has the only statewide program in the country.
Source: CBS News, KFF Health News
Nov 16, 2023 - Highlights the Veteran Administration's telehealth heart and lung care program through the Office of Rural Health. Notes challenges to accessing cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation for rural Veterans and disparities in diagnosis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease for rural residents.
Source: Veteran's Administration
Nov 14, 2023 - Highlights telehealth in rural New York, discussing both increased access to healthcare and remaining barriers. Notes the impact on access to specialists, behavioral healthcare, dentistry, and optometry.
Source: NCPR
Nov 7, 2023 - Describes how the Veteran's Administration is using telehealth to offer opioid use disorder treatment, noting the benefits this offers rural residents and others.
Source: Veteran's Administration
Nov 3, 2023 - A new collaboration between two West Virginia healthcare systems is bringing telehealth to rural pediatric patients seeking mental healthcare. Notes that a shortage of mental healthcare in rural areas can be a barrier to those seeking care.
Source: West Virginia Public Broadcasting
Nov 2, 2023 - Part 3 of a documentary highlighting telehealth as a solution to healthcare access challenges, particularly for gender affirming care and maternal healthcare. Discusses the impacts of COVID on telehealth practice. Discusses barriers to telehealth such as broadband access and comfort with technology. Captions are available in the video player.
Source: STAT News
Nov 1, 2023 - The Federal Communications Commission has announced a Notice of Inquiry to evaluate the FCC's standard for broadband. States that the current standard is outdated, causing an undercount of the number of rural and other communities with insufficient high-speed internet. The inquiry will also set long-term goals for gigabit speeds and evaluate broadband data collection impacts. Comments may be submitted by December 1st.
Source: Federal Communications Commission

Last Updated: 12/1/2023