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Rural Health Information Hub

Formerly the
Rural Assistance Center


What is Rural? Organizations

Center for Applied Research and Environmental Systems (CARES)
Addresses the spatial and temporal dimensions of issues impacting rural America, by incorporating Internet-based geographic information systems, remote sensing technologies, and other data visualization and analytic tools. One of CARES's primary roles is to support the needs of others wishing to utilize geographic information technologies.
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National Center for Frontier Communities (NCFC)
The national organization dedicated to the issues and concerns of frontier communities. The Center serves as a national clearinghouse, conducts research, informs policy, and provides education on issues of importance to frontier communities.
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North Carolina Rural Health Research Program (NC RHRP)
One of the Rural Health Research Centers currently funded by the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy. Works to identify rural health problems through policy-relevant analyses, geographic and graphical presentation of data, and information dissemination. Focuses on federal insurance programs and healthcare delivery organizations and access.
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Rural Information Center (RIC)
Provides information & resources, referral services and links to funding sources for local, tribal, state, and federal government officials; community organizations; libraries; businesses; and citizens working to maintain the vitality of America's rural areas.
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U.S. Census Bureau
Provides statistics, data, surveys and other programs on the population, economics, education, foreign trade, housing, construction, transportation, manufacturing, agriculture and more of the United States.
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U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Offers numerous funding opportunities such as Rural Economic Development Grants, Rural Business Opportunity Grants, Farm Labor Grants plus others.
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USDA Economic Research Service (USDA ERS)
Provides economic analyses to support a competitive agricultural system, a safe food supply, a healthy, well-nourished population, harmony between agriculture and the environment, and enhanced quality of life for rural Americans.
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Last Reviewed: 2/6/2015