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Rural Health
Resources by Topic: Alcohol use

Nonmedical Prescription Drug Use in a Nationally Representative Sample of Adolescents: Evidence of Greater Use Among Rural Adolescents
Analyzes a sample of adolescents aged 12 to 17 to determine if rural residence is linked with nonmedical prescription drug use and the factors related to nonmedical prescription drug use.
Author(s): Jennifer R. Havens, April M. Young, Christopher E. Havens
Citation: JAMA Pediatrics, 165(3), 250-255
Date: 03/2011
Type: Document
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Rural Populations Have Higher Rates of Chronic Disease
Discusses the higher rates of mortality, chronic disease, and disability rural residents experience when compared to urban residents. Covers the special challenges that may impair the health status of rural residents.
Author(s): Carol Jones
Citation: Amber Waves
Date: 06/2010
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: USDA Economic Research Service
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Suicide and Alcohol: Do Outlets Play a Role?
Results of a study to determine whether the number of alcohol outlets in local and adjacent areas, including rural areas, was related over time to suicide and suicide attempts.
Author(s): Fred W. Johnson, Paul J. Gruenewald, Lillian G. Remer
Citation: Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 33(12), 2124-2133
Date: 12/2009
Type: Document
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Substance Abuse Among Rural Youth: A Little Meth and a Lot of Booze
Examines substance abuse among rural youth, with rural-urban comparisons for methamphetamine, Oxycontin, and alcohol abuse.
Date: 06/2007
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: Maine Rural Health Research Center
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Early Alcohol Use, Rural Residence, and Adulthood Employment
Examines early onset of alcohol consumption and the increases of physical disease and psychological disorders. Discusses the consequences of abusive drinking in rural youth.
Additional links: Fact Sheet
Author(s): Michael Mink, Jong-Yi Wang, Kevin J. Bennett, et al.
Date: 10/2005
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: Rural and Minority Health Research Center (formerly the South Carolina Rural Health Research Center)
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Prevalence of Health Related Behavioral Risk Factors Among Non-Metro Minority Adults
Provides data on tobacco use, seat belt use, and alcohol consumption among rural minority adults. Includes recommendations and detailed data tables.
Additional links: Fact Sheet: Behavioral Risk Factors Among Rural African Americans, Fact Sheet: Behavioral Risk Factors Among Rural Hispanics
Author(s): P. Daniel Patterson, Charity G. Moore, Janice C. Probst, Michael E. Samuels
Date: 08/2003
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: Rural and Minority Health Research Center (formerly the South Carolina Rural Health Research Center)
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Frontier Youth: Living on the Edge
Overview of high-risk behaviors among rural and frontier youth, including teen alcohol and substance use and abuse, weapons carrying and violence, sexual activity, violent behavior and victimization, suicide, and educational attainment and dropout rates.
Date: 04/2003
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: National Center for Frontier Communities
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CDC WONDER Underlying Cause of Death with US-Mexico Border Regions, 1999-2018
Provides access to mortality and population data for the U.S.-Mexico border region. Offers data on the number of deaths, crude and age-adjusted death rates, and demographics for different causes of death. Cause of death data available for ICD-10 codes, drug/alcohol induced causes, and injury intent and mechanism. In addition to viewing data for the border region, border states, and border counties, results can also focus on the level of urbanization for metropolitan, micropolitan, and noncore areas.
Type: Database
Sponsoring organization: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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Nebraska Masters Level Alcohol & Drug Abuse Map
Shows masters level alcohol and drug abuse state and federal shortage areas.
Type: Map/Mapping System
Sponsoring organization: Nebraska Office of Rural Health
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Arkansas County and Regional Data
Features an interactive map with downloadable PDFs of state and county data related to mental health and substance abuse in Arkansas. Covers alcohol and tobacco use, drug arrests, marijuana, opiates and methamphetamines admissions, prescription drugs, and depression symptoms.
Type: Website
Sponsoring organization: Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care
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