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Missing the Handoff: Post-Hospitalization Follow-up Care Among Rural Medicare Beneficiaries With Diabetes
Presents findings of an analysis of urban – rural differences in 30 day post-discharge physician follow-up care for people with diabetes.
Author(s): Kevin Bennett, Janice Probst, Medha Vyavaharkar, Saundra Glover
Citation: Rural and Remote Health, 12(3), 2097
Date: 07/2012
Type: Document
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Intervention Mapping as a Guide for the Development of a Diabetes Peer Support Intervention in Rural Alabama
Describes development of a culturally relevant program to improve diabetes self-management among medically underserved African American adults in Alabama's Black Belt. Discusses intervention mapping as a systematic process combining theory, empirical evidence from the literature, and data from the community, and shows how this may be a useful approach in developing and adapting programs.
Author(s): Andrea Cherrington, Michelle Y. Martin, Michaela Hayes, et al.
Citation: Preventing Chronic Disease, 9
Date: 01/2012
Type: Document
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Quality of Diabetes Mellitus Care by Rural Primary Care Physicians
Describes the relationship between the degree of rurality and glucose, blood pressure, and lipid control among patients with diabetes. Includes statistics for patient characteristics by degree of rurality.
Author(s): Stephen A. Tonks, Sohil Makwana, Amanda H. Salanitro, et al.
Citation: Journal of Rural Health, 28(4), 364-371
Date: 2012
Type: Document
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Chronic Disease Risk Factors Among American Indian/Alaska Native Women of Reproductive Age
Discusses prevalence of chronic conditions and risk factors among a nationally representative sample of American Indian/Alaska Native women aged 18-44 years and makes comparisons with White women. Includes statistical breakdowns by weight status, physical activity level, cigarette use, and insurance coverage.
Author(s): Pamela Amparo, Sherry L. Farr, Patricia M. Dietz
Citation: Preventing Chronic Disease, 8(6)
Date: 11/2011
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Using Technology to Deliver Healthcare Education to Rural Patients
Describes how the Internet can help rural health facilities get access to current health education materials for their patients.
Author(s): Carol McIlhenny, Brenda Guzic, Dawna Knee, et al.
Citation: Rural and Remote Health, 11(4), 1798
Date: 10/2011
Type: Document
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Handling the Handoff: Rural and Race-Based Disparities in Post Hospitalization Follow-up Care Among Medicare Beneficiaries with Diabetes
Estimates hospital admission rates for rural Medicare beneficiaries with diabetes, tracks the proportion of patients who receive adequate outpatient care post discharge, and assesses hospital readmissions. Explores the potential for race-based disparities in care for diabetes.
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Author(s): Kevin J. Bennett, Robert Chen, Medha Vyavaharkar, Saundra H. Glover, Janice C. Probst
Date: 09/2011
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: Rural and Minority Health Research Center (formerly the South Carolina Rural Health Research Center)
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A Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factor Screening Program Designed to Reach Rural Residents of Maine
Reports the findings of a blood pressure (BP) and blood glucose screening program conducted from a mobile van that visited community events in order to bring screening services to rural Mainers.
Author(s): David Harris, Lois Hamel, AbouEl-Makarim Aboueissa, Deborah Johnson
Citation: Rural and Remote Health, 11(3), 1727
Date: 08/2011
Type: Document
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Residence in a Distressed County in Appalachia as a Risk Factor for Diabetes, Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, 2006-2007
Discusses rates of self-reported diagnosed diabetes among residents of Appalachian counties. Shows breakdowns by level of county prosperity, based on unemployment rates, per capita income, and poverty. Includes statistical analysis by age group, sex, income, race/ethnicity, education, tobacco use, physical activity level, and weight status.
Author(s): Lawrence Barker, Richard Crespo, Robert B. Gerzoff, et al.
Citation: Preventing Chronic Disease, 7(5)
Date: 09/2010
Type: Document
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Chronic Disease Risk Factors Among Alaska Native and American Indian People, Alaska, 2004-2006
Summary of data collected from a large population of adult American Indian/Alaska Native people in 26 Alaska communities, and comparison with U.S. overall population. Includes statistical breakdowns by sex, age group, ethnicity, weight status, and levels of cholesterol, blood glucose, and blood pressure.
Author(s): Diana G. Redwood, Anne P. Lanier, Janet M. Johnston, Elvin D. Asay, Martha L. Slattery
Citation: Preventing Chronic Disease, 7(4)
Date: 07/2010
Type: Document
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Border Lives: Health Status in the United States-Mexico Border Region
An overview of key health issues affecting U.S. residents living in the U.S.-Mexico border region.
Date: 04/2010
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: United States-México Border Health Commission
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