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Rural Health
Resources by Topic: Suicide and suicide prevention

QuickStats: Age-Adjusted Rates for Suicide, by Urbanization of County of Residence - United States, 2004 and 2013
Bar chart comparing suicide rates in nonmetropolitan and metropolitan counties, with data for 2004 and 2013. Shows higher suicide rates for less urbanized counties.
Citation: MMWR (Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report), 64(14), 401
Date: 04/2015
Type: Chart/Graph
Sponsoring organization: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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Evaluation and Disposition of Medicaid-Insured Children and Adolescents with Suicide Attempts
Examines differences in the evaluation of youth ages 7–18 enrolled in Medicaid with suicidal behavior in rural, urban and suburban areas of Tennessee. Addresses differences associated with sociodemographic characteristics.
Author(s): Candice L. Williams, William O. Cooper, Leanne S. Balmer, et al.
Citation: Academic Pediatrics, 15(1), 38-40
Date: 02/2015
Type: Document
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Building the Evaluation Capacity of Local Programs Serving American Indian/Alaska Native Populations: Lessons Learned
Describes technical assistance provided to help tribal communities develop their evaluation capacity so they could show that the substance abuse prevention programs they were undertaking were effective. Includes discussion of facilitators and challenges related to building evaluation capacity.
Date: 10/2014
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
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Feasibility of a Community Intervention for the Prevention of Suicide and Alcohol Abuse with Yup'ik Alaska Native Youth: The Elluam Tungiinun and Yupiucimta Asvairtuumallerkaa Studies
Evaluates the viability of a community intervention model to prevent suicide and alcohol abuse within the youth population of two remote Alaska Native communities. Compares the implementation strategies and the available resources within the two settings, and discusses the differences in outcomes.
Author(s): Gerald V. Mohatt, Carlotta Ching Ting Fok, David Henry, People Awakening Team, James Allen
Citation: American Journal of Community Psychology, 54(1-2), 153-169
Date: 09/2014
Type: Document
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Suicide Among Young Alaska Native Men: Community Risk Factors and Alcohol Control
Results of a study examining the variation in suicide rates among rural Alaskan Native men.
Author(s): Matthew Berman
Citation: American Journal of Public Health, 104(Suppl 3), S329-S335
Date: 06/2014
Type: Document
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Arizona State Health Assessment
Provides a snapshot describing the health status of Arizona residents and data to target health interventions to address public health issues. Analyzes obesity, tobacco use, substance abuse, suicide, diabetes, chronic disease, oral health, health insurance, and more. Highlights health successes and priorities, community involvement in health, and community comments for each of Arizona's 15 counties.
Date: 04/2014
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: Arizona Department of Health Services
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Reducing Rural Suicide
Describes the efforts of psychologists searching for innovative ways to reach out to people in isolated communities. Includes a specific focus on Native American and veteran populations to address stigma and access to care, and create a preventive environment.
Author(s): Rebecca A. Clay
Citation: APA Monitor on Psychology, 45(4), 36
Date: 04/2014
Type: Document
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Suicide in Minnesota - 2011 Data Brief
Highlights suicide data collected from death certificates in 2011 among Minnesota residents. Includes data on suicide rates by rural versus urban location, gender, age, and county.
Author(s): M. Heinen, J. Roesler, A. Gaichas, M. Kinde
Date: 09/2013
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: Minnesota Department of Health
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Traditional Living and Cultural Ways as Protective Factors Against Suicide: Perceptions of Alaska Native University Students
Examines the experiences of traditional Alaska Native ways. Covers subsistence activities that may prevent suicide and strengthen indigenous populations.
Author(s): Christopher R. DeCou, Monica C. Skewes, Ellen D. S. López
Citation: International Journal of Circumpolar Health, 72(1)
Date: 08/2013
Type: Document
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All-Cause and Cause-Specific Mortality Among US Youth: Socioeconomic and Rural-Urban Disparities and International Patterns
Analyzes the socioeconomic and rural-urban disparities in all-cause mortality and mortality from leading causes of death, including homicide, suicide, unintentional injuries, and HIV/AIDS, among U.S. youth aged 15–24.
Author(s): Gopal K. Singh, Romuladus E. Azuine, Mohammad Siahpush, Michael D. Kogan
Citation: Journal of Urban Health, 90(3), 388-405
Date: 06/2013
Type: Document
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