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In order to successfully implement a rural aging in place program, it is important to get community buy-in and to develop partnerships among the various individuals, providers, and organizations who will be involved in the program. Through identifying and assembling community partners and stakeholders, the program can connect with community assets and resources as well as meet the needs of older adults more easily.

There are multiple potential partners to consider recruiting, from the older adults themselves to their providers, caregivers, and loved ones. Because of the diversity of programs involved, it may also be helpful to partner with:

  • Architects and home remodelers
  • Senior centers
  • Clinics and hospitals
  • Transportation programs
  • Health insurance plans
  • Governmental agencies
  • Philanthropic organizations
  • Organizations that could provide in aging place-specific provider trainings

Whichever partners are selected for inclusion, it is important that they are brought into the process early in order to help facilitate successful implementation of the program. It may also be important to partner with local community leadership in order to get their support for ongoing efforts of the program. Such partnerships can be useful to promote the benefits of having a vibrant, engaged older population aging in place.

Resources to Learn More

Guiding Principles for the Sustainability of Age-Friendly Community Efforts
Discusses how five US regions have fostered partnerships with other domestic and international organizations interested in creating environments for an aging population.
Organizations(s): Grantmakers In Aging
Date: 10/2015