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Module 2: Evidence-Based and Promising COPD Program Models

The goals of COPD intervention programs may vary depending on each community's needs and the resources that are available. Program models may focus on preventing COPD, assisting COPD patients with self-management of the disease, or both. Most programs include several of the models described in this toolkit.

To learn how to identify and adapt interventions, see Developing a Rural Community Health Program in the Rural Community Health Toolkit.

Evidence-based and promising COPD programs are being offered in a variety of settings, including healthcare facilities, homes, and in the community. This toolkit identifies seven models to address the prevention and management of stable COPD, divided into four categories.

These models are in line with the following recommendations and guidelines:

The clinical treatment of patients in acute exacerbation of COPD and patients with COPD in the hospital or emergency department are outside of the scope of this toolkit.

In this module: