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Dissemination Audiences for COPD Programs

A number of audiences may benefit from learning more about rural COPD programs. Target audiences should include individuals both internal and external to the program. Sharing information with internal audiences can increase buy-in and support for the COPD program – both of which are important for success and sustainability. For example, leadership, staff, healthcare providers, and other employees should be informed that the COPD program is available and how it is being implemented within the organization. Sharing information with external audiences can ensure broad awareness of the COPD program. External audiences should be informed of the potential benefits of the COPD program and ways they can access services for their own patients, family members, and others in the community.

For a general list of key audiences for dissemination, see Methods of Dissemination in the Rural Community Health Toolkit.

Other key audiences for disseminating information about rural COPD programs include:

  • Hospital/medical center administrative leadership and staff
  • Hospital/medical center healthcare providers and support staff
  • Other healthcare centers and clinics in the community
  • Health insurance providers and health plans
  • State and local health departments
  • Local councils on aging
  • Local faith-based organizations
  • Prospective patients and their families
  • Community members and the general public
  • Funders of rural COPD and chronic disease programs
  • The regional Quality Innovation Network-Quality Improvement Organization
  • Local, state, and federal policymakers