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Rural Health Information Hub

Methods of Dissemination for Community Health Programs

After identifying the dissemination objective and intended audiences, rural communities can share content in various ways. In particular, regular and ongoing contact with program partners and community members within the service area can support message dissemination.

Common methods of dissemination include:

  • Presenting program results to local community groups and other local stakeholders
  • Creating and distributing program materials, such as flyers, guides, pamphlets and DVDs
  • Creating toolkits of training materials and curricula for other communities
  • Sharing information through social media or on an organization's website
  • Summarizing findings in progress reports for funders
  • Disseminating information on an organization's website
  • Discussing project activities on the local radio or news
  • Discussing project activities on a podcast, webcast, webinar, informative video, or other audiovisual medium
  • Publishing information in the local newspaper
  • Issuing a press release
  • Hosting health promotion events at health fairs and school functions
  • Using the 2-1-1 system to publicize available services and resources
  • Creating data visualizations, maps, or databases to facilitate access to local data
  • Publishing program or policy briefs
  • Publishing project findings in national journals and statewide publications
  • Presenting at national conferences and meetings of professional associations
  • Submitting information about a rural health project to be included in the Rural Health Models and Innovations section

Key audiences may include:

  • State associations of county and city health officials
  • State Offices of Rural Health (SORH)
  • Hospital associations
  • Public health associations
  • Rural health associations
  • Caregiver groups
  • Universities
  • Federal agencies
  • Community members and groups
  • Faith-based organizations
  • State and county Extension offices
  • Schools
  • Local government
  • Policymakers
  • Insurers
  • Funders, such as local and national foundations and charitable organizations
  • Healthcare providers/centers

Resources to Learn More

Dissemination of Rural Health Research: A Toolkit
Discusses strategies for promoting accessible, appropriate, and applicable rural health research to health consumers, stakeholders, and policymakers to inform decision making.
Author(s): Schroeder, S. & Bauman, S.
Organization(s): Rural Health Research Gateway, University of North Dakota Center for Rural Health
Date: 8/2019