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Recruitment and Retention for Rural Health Facilities – Resources

Selected recent or important resources focusing on Recruitment and Retention for Rural Health Facilities.

Effect of Tele-Emergency Services on Recruitment and Retention of US Rural Physicians
Analyzes the effects of telemedicine services on recruitment and retention of physicians to rural healthcare facilities.
Author(s): Andrew Potter, Keith Mueller, Clint MacKinney, Marcia Ward
Citation: Rural and Remote Health, 14(3), 2787
Date: 08/2014
Type: Document
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For the Record: Mary Wakefield
Presents an interview with Mary Wakefield, Administrator of the Health Resources and Services Administration, who discusses the shortage of health care providers. Highlights strategies and programs including the National Health Service Corp, the Maternal and Child Health Block Grant, State Offices of Rural Health and Primary Care Offices, scholarship and loan forgiveness programs, and the Rural Recruitment and Retention Network, which links clinicians looking to practice in rural areas with rural clinical sites in need of providers.
Citation: State Legislatures Magazine, 40(6), 20-21
Date: 06/2014
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: National Conference of State Legislatures
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Support for Rural Recruitment and Practice among U.S. Nurse Practitioner Education Programs
Examines nurse practitioner (NP) education programs across the U.S. to identify those actively promoting NP practice in rural areas. Describes their use of education methods that may promote rural practice and identifies barriers to recruiting rural students and providing rural NP clinical training.
Author(s): Susan M. Skillman, Louise Kaplan, C. Holly A. Andrilla, Stefanie Ostergard, Davis G. Patterson
Date: 05/2014
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: WWAMI Rural Health Research Center
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Rural Practice, Keeping Physicians In
Discusses recruitment, retention, and training of rural physicians. Includes recommendations and key legislative and government issues addressing this issue.
Date: 05/2014
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: American Academy of Family Physicians
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Development of the Nursing Community Apgar Questionnaire (NCAQ): A Rural Nurse Recruitment and Retention Tool
Introduces the Nursing Community Apgar Questionnaire, a guide to assess strengths and weaknesses of Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) in rural communities to help them improve nursing recruitment and retention.
Author(s): Molly Prengaman, Jeri Bigbee, Edward Baker, David Schmitz
Citation: Rural and Remote Health, 14(1), 2633
Date: 03/2014
Type: Document
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Local Health Department Workforce Recruitment and Retention: Challenges and Opportunities
Provides an overview of local health workforce recruitment and retention strategies and case studies of health departments serving rural populations. Includes details on how the health departments approached recruiting, retaining, and developing their workforces.
Author(s): Julie Darnell, Susan Cahn, Bernard Turnock, et al.
Date: 11/2013
Type: Document
Sponsoring organizations: Center for State and Local Government Excellence, University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health
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Building and Maintaining the Rural Health Workforce: Resources and Strategies
Provides examples of national and regional programs in Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho. Focuses on programs that support the education, recruitment, and retention of the rural healthcare workforce.
Author(s): Davis G. Patterson, Denise M. Lishner, Susan M. Skillman, Mark P. Doescher
Date: 07/2013
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: UW Center for Health Workforce Studies
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Assessing Community Health Center (CHC) Assets and Capabilities for Recruiting Physicians: The CHC Community Apgar Questionnaire
Describes the evaluation instrument, CHC Community Apgar Questionnaire (CHC CAQ), developed for Idaho CHCs to use in physician recruitment with a focus on rural areas.
Author(s): Edward Baker, David Schmitz, Sean Wasden, Lisa MacKenzie
Citation: Rural and Remote Health, 12(4), 2179
Date: 12/2012
Type: Document
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Midwest Retention Toolkit
Provides tools to assist National Health Service Corps (NHSC) sites with the retention of healthcare providers. Includes worksheets, sample surveys, and model retention plans for use with all healthcare providers, although targeted for physicians.
Date: 2012
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: 3RNET
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Idaho Rural Family Physician Workforce Study: The Community Apgar Questionnaire
Discusses the community factors that support rural communities in the development of their physician workforce. Describes the Community Apgar Questionnaire, an evaluation instrument initially to be used by Idaho rural communities, however applicable to other rural communities, to assess their current assets and potential strengths associated with physician recruitment and retention.
Author(s): David Schmitz, Ed Baker, Ted Epperly
Citation: Rural and Remote Health, 11(3), 1769
Date: 07/2011
Type: Document
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