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Rural Health
Funding by Topic: Infrastructure

Summaries of funding programs are provided by RHIhub for your convenience. Please contact the funder directly for the most complete and current information.

North Central Region Water Network Capacity-Building Mini Grants Inactive
Grants to support the goals of the North Central Region Water Network, including soil health, climate, water supply, infrastructure, and source protection.
Geographic coverage: 12 states in the North Central Region
Application Deadline: Mar 1, 2019
Sponsor: North Central Region Water Network
Texas Community Development Fund Inactive
Funding for non-entitlement communities in Texas for community development, economic development, rural health, and rural housing projects that support workforce development.
Geographic coverage: Texas
Application Deadline: Feb 7, 2019
Sponsor: Texas Department of Agriculture
Technologies for Improving Population Health and Eliminating Health Disparities (R41/R42) Inactive
Funding to develop partnerships between innovative small business concerns and nonprofit research institutions resulting in improving minority health and the reduction of health disparities by commercializing innovative technologies. Rural populations are included in the listed health disparities priority populations.
Geographic coverage: Nationwide
Letter of Intent (Optional): Sep 1, 2018
Application Deadline: Oct 1, 2018
Sponsors: National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities, National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Rural Emergency Medical Communications Demonstration Project Inactive
Provides funding for a demonstration project addressing rural medical communications in order to gain an understanding of barriers and best practices to coordinate emergency response across multiple jurisdictions, including, but not limited to, public health, medical, and transportation agencies.
Geographic coverage: Nationwide
Application Deadline: Aug 10, 2018
Sponsor: U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Tribal Waste Management Capacity Building Training Grant Inactive
A single grant for an eligible entity to provide training, technical assistance, and travel scholarships to federally-recognized tribes in support of waste management capacity building on tribal lands.
Geographic coverage: Nationwide and U.S. territories
Application Deadline: Jul 13, 2018
Sponsor: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Community Services Block Grant (CSBG): Learning Communities Resource Center Inactive
Funding to support a Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) Learning Communities Resource Center, designed to promote the creation of learning communities within the CSBG Network and identify effective, promising, and innovative practice models across multiple individual and community-level domains.
Geographic coverage: Nationwide
Application Deadline: Jul 24, 2017
Sponsors: ACF Office of Community Services, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Community Services Block Grant (CSBG)/Rural Community Development Program (RCD) Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems Training and Technical Assistance Project Inactive
Provides grants to multi-state regional organizations to enable the organizations to provide training and technical assistance on water and wastewater management systems to small, low-income, rural communities.
Geographic coverage: Nationwide
Application Deadline: Jun 30, 2015
Sponsor: ACF Office of Community Services
Environmental Health Services Support for Public Health Drinking Water Programs to Reduce Drinking Water Exposures Inactive
Offers funding to state and local health departments to identify and address drinking water issues and reduce exposures associated with drinking water contamination, especially in communities and populations using small drinking-water systems (e.g. private wells, springs, cisterns, tankered water).
Geographic coverage: Nationwide
Application Deadline: Jun 22, 2015
Sponsor: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention