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The Rural Context of Illicit Substance Offers: A Study of Appalachian Rural Adolescents
Examines the rural conditions of substance use through interviews with 12-19 year old adolescents in rural school districts in Appalachian Pennsylvania and Ohio. Findings describe the settings in which substance offers and use occur, and how access to illicit substances is obtained. Offers insight for developing preventive intervention programs for adolescents.
Author(s): Jonathan Pettigrew, Michelle Miller-Day, Janice Krieger, Michael L. Hecht
Citation: Journal of Adolescent Research, 27(4), 523-550
Date: 07/2012
Type: Document
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Qualitative Needs Assessment: Healthcare Experiences of Underserved Populations in Montgomery County, Virginia
Describes a study that was conducted as part of a comprehensive community assessment to determine the feasibility of developing a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) in a medically underserved area (MUA) of Virginia.
Author(s): Kelly Pieh, Cathy Callahan, Pat Young
Citation: Rural and Remote Health, 12(3), 1816
Date: 06/2012
Type: Document
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Risk Factors for Smoking in Rural Women
Highlights a study on the connections between sociodemographic and psychological factors and smoking for rural women in Appalachian Ohio. Analyzes participant data by socioeconomic status, symptoms of depression, and demographics, such as age at first pregnancy and single mother status, among others.
Author(s): Mary Ellen Wewers, Pamela J. Salsberry, Amy K. Ferketich, et al.
Citation: Journal of Woman's Health, 21(5), 548-556
Date: 05/2012
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An Evidence-Based Cessation Strategy Using Rural Smokers' Experiences With Tobacco
Describes personal narratives of current and former smokers living in an economically distressed, rural area of Appalachian Kentucky to identify effective population-based strategies to reach rural smokers and motivate them to quit.
Author(s): Karen M. Butler, Susan Hedgecock, Rachael A. Record, et al.
Citation: Nursing Clinics of North America, 47(1), 31-43
Date: 03/2012
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Delivering Free Healthcare to Rural Central Appalachia Population: The Case of the Health Wagon
Describes the Health Wagon, a full mobile medical clinic delivering free healthcare to those in rural Southwest Virginia in Central Appalachia.
Author(s): Teresa Gardner, Paul Gavaza, Paula Meade, Donna Adkins
Citation: Rural and Remote Health, 12(1), 2035
Date: 03/2012
Type: Document
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Ohio Appalachian Residents' Views on Smoke-free Laws and Cigarette Warning Labels
Presents results from a study that explored attitudes and beliefs of residents in Appalachian Ohio relating to smoke-free laws and public health policies in place to reduce smoking and smoking-related diseases.
Author(s): Paul Reiter, Mary Wewers, Electra Paskett, Elizabeth Klein, Mira Katz
Citation: Rural and Remote Health, 12(1), 1945
Date: 02/2012
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Formative Research Conducted in Rural Appalachia to Inform a Community Physical Activity Intervention
Describes the perceived barriers to and facilitators of physical activity in rural Appalachia. Reviews organized programs for physical activity and suggests partnerships for physical activity programming. Table 3 lists the barriers and facilitators of physical activity.
Author(s): Tina M. Kruger, Mark Swanson, Rian E. Davis, et al.
Citation: American Journal of Health Promotion, 26(3), 143-151
Date: 01/2012
Type: Document
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Community Strategies to Address Cancer Disparities in Appalachian Kentucky
An overview of a community-based participatory research intervention in Appalachian Kentucky to address cancer disparities. Includes discussion of the perceptions and barriers to screening. Covers strategies for working in Appalachia, rural locations, and other traditionally undeserved communities. Table 3 lists characteristics and Figure 1 is an example focus group interview guide.
Author(s): Nancy E. Schoenberg, Britteny M. Howell, Nell Fields
Citation: Family & Community Health, 35(1), 31-43
Date: 2012
Type: Document
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An Analysis of Oral Health Disparities and Access to Services in the Appalachian Region
Analyzes disparities in oral health status and access to oral healthcare in the Appalachian Region. Examines relationships between oral health disparities and socioeconomic status indicators. Focuses on aiding efforts to develop targeted interventions to reduce disparities in Appalachia.
Author(s): Denise D. Krause, Warren L. May, Nancy M. Lane, et al.
Date: 12/2011
Type: Document
Sponsoring organizations: Appalachian Regional Commission, The Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research
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Exploring Geographic Variation in Lung Cancer Incidence in Kentucky Using a Spatial Scan Statistic: Elevated Risk in the Appalachian Coal-Mining Region
Discusses mining-related environmental factors which may contribute to high rates of lung cancer in 30 Kentucky counties. Includes breakdowns by sex, age group, smoking history, county-level lung cancer rates from 1995-2007, and coal production rates from 1983-2007.
Author(s): W. Jay Christian, Bin Huang, John Rinehart, Claudia Hopenhayn
Citation: Public Health Reports, 126(6)
Date: 11/2011
Type: Document
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