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Healthcare Access in Rural Communities News

News stories from the past 60 days.

Small Hospital Closures Mean Loss of Access to Care
Jan 6, 2018 - Details the complex challenges faced by rural hospitals compared to their urban counterparts and how they contribute to rural hospital closures. These challenges include specific trends in who is typically served by rural and urban hospitals, changes in the way that healthcare is delivered, inherent disadvantages for rural hospitals in the way that data is collected, and economic considerations like rural hospitals having proportionally more fixed costs and greater difficulty with recruitment and retention, among other things.
Source: Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons
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Healthcare Organizations Voice Worry over End of Net Neutrality
Dec 15, 2017 - Details the recent vote by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to roll back net neutrality regulations. Some healthcare organizations are concerned about the impact of this vote on telemedicine services and access to healthcare in rural areas.
Source: Health Data Management
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A Conversation with Roger Knak
Dec 12, 2017 - Radio interview with Roger Knak, the CEO of Fairview Regional Medical Center, a Critical Access Hospital in Oklahoma. Discussion includes the work the hospital has done to address patient satisfaction and community health needs and the importance of rural health infrastructure, among other things.
Source: Rural Health Leadership Radio
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'Here It Goes': Coming Out To Your Doctor In Rural America
Nov 21, 2017 - Details some of the fears faced by members of the LGBT community in seeking medical care in rural areas, especially as it relates to sexual health. Although the rural Californians interviewed did not face the discrimination they feared, their physicians had to do additional research in order to meet their medical needs. A local physician pointed out that doctors often don't get much education on LGBT health in medical school.
Source: NPR
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Last Updated: 1/9/2018