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Rural Health Disparities – News

News stories from the past 60 days.

May 2, 2024 - Highlights disproportionate rates of American Indian/Alaska Native women and girls who are victims of homicide and sex trafficking. Offers recommendations for healthcare providers, including increased training, safety screenings, and culturally-responsive care.
Source: Indian Health Service
Apr 29, 2024 - Highlights increased risk of mental health struggles and suicide among rural youth. Discusses a tech-based service delivery program in South Dakota.
Source: Public News Service
Apr 8, 2024 - Discusses the mortality rate disparity between rural and urban residents following recent research showing the gap has widened to 43% in 2019 from 6% in 1999 for adults between 25 and 54. Offers analysis by experts on causes of this disparity including social vulnerability factors, community vitality, and insurance rates. Discusses the potential impact of COVID-19 on current mortality rates.
Source: CBS News, KFF Health News

Last Updated: 5/3/2024