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Funding by Topic: Service delivery models

Summaries of funding programs are provided by RHIhub for your convenience. Please contact the funder directly for the most complete and current information.

Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation Ken Kendrick Grand Slam Awards
Grants for nonprofit organizations in Arizona that focus on indigent healthcare, youth development, homelessness, and other human services. Awards have been given to rural and tribal communities.
Geographic coverage: Arizona
Application Deadline: Dec 6, 2023
Sponsor: Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation
North Carolina Community Health Grant Program
Grants for nonprofit primary care safety net organizations to increase access to primary medical and preventive care in North Carolina.
Geographic coverage: North Carolina
Application Deadline: Dec 8, 2023
Sponsor: North Carolina Office of Rural Health
Minnesota Dental Foundation Grants
Grants and in-kind services for outreach programs that provide dental services to underserved populations, promote dental health initiatives, and support dental profession career and volunteer opportunities in Minnesota.
Geographic coverage: Minnesota
Application Deadline: Dec 11, 2023
Sponsor: Minnesota Dental Foundation
Healthy Start: Eliminating Disparities in Perinatal Health
Grants to improve health outcomes before, during, and after pregnancy and reduce racial/ethnic disparities in rates of infant death and adverse perinatal outcomes. Funding is set aside for rural communities.
Geographic coverage: Nationwide
Application Deadline: Dec 15, 2023
Sponsors: Health Resources and Services Administration, Maternal and Child Health Bureau, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Rural Economic Development Loan and Grant Program (REDL and REDG)
Loans and grants to assist in the economic development of rural areas, including funds for healthcare facilities and equipment, telecommunications networks, and job creation projects.
Geographic coverage: Nationwide
Application Deadline: Dec 31, 2023
Sponsors: U.S. Department of Agriculture, USDA Rural Development
Notice of Special Interest (NOSI): Utilizing Telemedicine or Other Remote-Based Platforms to Develop and Support Treatments for Substance Use Disorders (SUDs)
Notice of Special Interest for research to evaluate the safety and efficacy of telemedicine or remotely provided treatments for SUD, and to develop tools for remote collection of data in clinical trials of treatments for SUD. Projects focusing on racial and ethnic minorities, socioeconomically disadvantaged individuals, and rural populations are encouraged.
Geographic coverage: Nationwide and U.S. Territories
Application Deadline: Jan 8, 2024
Sponsors: National Institute on Drug Abuse, National Institutes of Health
Tribal Broadband Connectivity Program
Funding for Native American, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian lands for deployment of internet infrastructure, affordability programs, telehealth, and distance learning initiatives.
Geographic coverage: Nationwide
Application Deadline: Jan 23, 2024
Sponsors: National Telecommunications and Information Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce
Rural Health Network Development Planning Program
Grants to promote the planning and development of integrated rural healthcare networks in order to achieve efficiencies; expand access to, coordinate, and improve the quality of essential healthcare services; and strengthen the rural healthcare system as a whole.
Geographic coverage: Nationwide and U.S. territories
Application Deadline: Jan 26, 2024
Sponsors: Federal Office of Rural Health Policy, Health Resources and Services Administration, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Colorado Capital Infrastructure – Increasing Access to Care for Coloradans of Color
Funding for capital projects for safety net practices in Colorado that improve clinics' capacity to serve more Coloradans of color with team-based, comprehensive primary care.
Geographic coverage: Colorado
Application Deadline: Feb 15, 2024
Sponsor: Colorado Health Foundation
Utah AHEC Scholars Program
A multidisciplinary certificate program for certain health professions students in Utah that offers opportunities for hands-on training, experience in rural and urban underserved communities, and networking with other students and professionals.
Geographic coverage: Utah
Application Deadline: Feb 28, 2024
Sponsor: Utah Area Health Education Centers