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Rural Health Information Hub

Contribute to Rural Evidence Base for Health Equity Programs and Initiatives

Decision-makers rely on evidence to make changes to programs, policies, and practices. By contributing to the evidence base, rural communities can continue to make a case for investment in rural health equity. Sharing program outcomes may also interest others who seek to address similar issues in their rural communities and create opportunities for collaboration. Working collaboratively to form partnerships and work toward a shared goal may give your program the edge needed to secure new funding sources.

There are many ways to disseminate the successes and challenges experienced by community health programs. Research and project findings can be disseminated at the local, state, and national levels to reach as many people as possible. The Social Determinants of Health Toolkit includes a list of suggested dissemination methods that may be applicable to programs focused on health equity.

For more information on using and sharing program outcomes, visit Share Successes and Lessons Learned in the Rural Community Health Toolkit.

Resources to Learn More

Rural Renewal: Three Success Stories Capturing Prosperity/Health
Presents the stories of 3 rural communities in different geographic areas of the U.S. Describes their settlement history, unique resources, and leadership initiatives for developing a resilient infrastructure to meet the needs of the community. Discusses the implications of their successes for replication.
Author(s): Polakoff, P. L., Berens, D., & Angelson D.
Organization(s): A Healthier WE
Date: 1/2021