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Grant Funding for Programs that Advance Health Equity

Identifying and securing funding is essential to sustaining programs that advance health equity. The Funders of Rural Programs section in the Rural Community Health Toolkit gives an overview of potential funding agencies, associations, and organizations. Our Online Library also provides a list of active and inactive funding opportunities related to health disparities.

Many rural programs rely on grant funding from federal agencies, regional commissions and agencies, and philanthropic organizations to sustain programs that advance health equity. Some grant programs focus on a specific aspect of health equity, while others fund more general health equity programs.

Examples of Federal Agencies that Fund Rural Health Equity Programs

Examples of Foundations and Nonprofit Organizations that Fund Rural Health Equity Programs

Many foundations and nonprofit organizations provide funding or other resources to help sustain rural programs that advance health equity. Some foundations focus on a specific aspect of health equity, while others broadly fund rural health and well-being programs. A Guide to Working with Rural Philanthropy provides an overview of rural philanthropy and strategies for establishing partnerships with philanthropies.

Examples of how foundations and nonprofit organizations are assisting with sustainability efforts include:

Grant Funding and 501(c)(3) Status

Funders often require that applicants be a nonprofit organization with 501(c)(3) status in order to be eligible for grants. However, funders may make exceptions for tribal, governmental, or civic organizations. When considering grant funding, it is important to review application requirements and determine eligibility to apply.

For more information on applying for grants, visit the Applying for Grants to Support Rural Health Projects topic guide.

Resources to Learn More

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