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Identifying and Engaging Dissemination Audiences for Health Equity Work

Rural communities may need to convey information about health equity in different ways. Understanding how to frame messages and craft communications can be key to gaining buy-in and support for health equity initiatives. Rural communities should also be mindful of the different language, cultural, and literacy needs of different audiences.

Members of communities experiencing inequities are in the best position to identify the dissemination methods that are most likely to reach their communities. Addressing health equity requires long-term relationship building and commitment to centering the voices of those who experience inequities. Some program planners work with community champions and leaders to tailor dissemination findings and leverage trusted messengers.

Rural communities should consider testing messages before dissemination and collecting feedback on how communications about health equity are received, also known as pre-testing. Pre-testing materials can provide program planners with a better sense of what information the public has access to and what information still needs to be communicated. Pre-testing materials can provide insight on how the community at large will receive and respond to messaging and dissemination materials.

The Social Determinants of Health Toolkit offers information about identifying dissemination audiences for health equity.

Resources to Learn More

Dissemination of Rural Health Research: A Toolkit
Offers guidance on effective knowledge translation of health research findings for health providers, researchers, and other interested parties to affect policy and/or practice. Describes modes of dissemination and their purpose and includes a variety of examples.
Author(s): Schroeder, S. & Bauman, S.
Organization(s): Rural Health Research Gateway
Date: 8/2019

PCORI Dissemination and Implementation Toolkit
Provides a framework for effective dissemination and implementation of health and healthcare research with a focus on the selection of relevant research, audience identification, and partner engagement.
Organization(s): Mathematica Policy Research, Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)
Date: 2/2015