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Rural Health Information Hub

J.C. Blair Memorial Hospital (now Penn Highlands Huntingdon)

  • Project Title: Integrated Rural Behavioral Health and Primary Health Project
  • Grant Period: 2017-2018
  • Program Representative Interviewed: Shelly D. Rivello, LCSW, Director of Integrated Care
  • Location: Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
  • Program Overview: A consortium of partners, including J.C. Blair Memorial Hospital (now Penn Highlands Huntingdon), J.C. Blair Medical Services — primary and specialty care, and UPMC Pinnacle (formerly Pinnacle Health), established a program to integrate behavioral health services into primary care clinics. The program uses evidenced-based practices including the Primary Care Behavioral Health Integration Model, cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and evidence-based screening tools. This program received funding support from the Pennsylvania Drug and Alcohol Administrative Office and the Mental Health Administrative Office.

    A notable outcome of this program is patient perception of care. Patient testimonies demonstrated that individuals felt emotionally connected to the program which made a difference in their mental and physical health. Providers also felt supported because the program helped improve workflow, professional colleague support, and direct patient care and warm hand-offs within the clinical setting. The program also offers case management and care coordination through a care coordination manager. This employee conducts follow-up calls, referrals, and coordination of care, which enables the behavioral health consultants to focus on providing clinical services.

Models represented by this program: