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Sinnissippi Centers, Inc.

  • Project Title: Family Care Coordinator Project (FCCP)
  • Grant Period: 2015-2018
  • Program Representative Interviewed: Gloria Martin, Director of Child and Adolescent Services; Connie Davis, Area Office Supervisor
  • Location: Dixon, IL
  • Sinnissippi Centers, Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital and affiliated clinics, and a local developmental disability center have been working for over ten years to improve children's mental health in several counties in Illinois. The care coordination model they implemented at their facility is an evidence-based practice to help families access mental health treatments. Another strength-based model and promising practice used by this consortium is the Parent Café, a support group for parents adapted from a national model.

    The program has two full-time care coordinators and a grant manager. It also has a parent coordinator who trains and works with other parents. In addition to staff, the program requires resources including office space, vehicles for home-based visits, cell phones, and computers.

    One challenge the program encountered is creating cost-effective services. Sinnissippi Centers often works with families that are difficult to retain, and drive time to visit families is not reimbursed under state funding. To address this barrier, the program tried three different referral models: a cold referral, an informed referral, and a warm referral. The program found the most success with a warm referral, where a care coordinator meets the family face-to-face.

    Two of the ways this program has shared results are through lunch-and-learns and community presentations. In 2023, Sinnissippi Centers reported performing over 1,500 crisis evaluations for youth and adults. Most referrals were self-reported with 28% of patients reaching out personally for services.

Models represented by this program: