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Rural Health Information Hub

Dissemination Methods for Mental Health Programs

In order to reach all interested audiences and stakeholders in rural mental health programs, a wide range of dissemination strategies should be used.

There are numerous methods that make dissemination more efficient for sharing information about rural mental health programs, including:

  • Creating user-friendly technology to record evidence-based information. This tactic will make dissemination of information easier as information will be stored in one location
  • Training healthcare professionals on new evidence-based practices
  • Facilitating a healthy and supportive work environment in order to engage employees at all levels to participate in and share program successes

Overall, it is essential that rural communities share stories of their successes and best practices. By sharing their work, individual programs can celebrate their successes and ensure their sustainability while also helping other rural communities replicate effective rural mental health programs.

For more information on general dissemination methods for rural programs, please see the Rural Community Health Toolkit Methods of Dissemination section.