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Rural Health Information Hub

Valley View Hospital Association

  • Project Title: The Practice Transformation project and the Community Care Alliance
  • Grant Period: 2017-2020
  • Program Representative Interviewed: Marnell Bradfield, Director of Operations
  • Location: Grand Junction, Colorado
  • Program Overview: The Community Care Alliance (CCA) is working together with its network participants to develop an evidence-based behavioral health curriculum for their providers and patients.

    One of the first steps of their program is to identify a behavioral health staff member from a community organization to serve on the CCA board to work on the behavioral health curriculum with the goal of having cross-sectional partnerships in place from the beginning of the program. The curriculum will be focused on the best mental health practices and include information on the role of care coordination in improving patient mental health. Care Coordinators will have resource lists to connect patients to community resources that may be outside of the realm of health services, including libraries, churches, and other services. The facilities are also working on creating a workflow for mental health screenings in order to appropriately respond to these measures with the ultimate goal of improving patient mental health.

Models represented by this program: