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Rural Health Information Hub

Skull Valley Health Services

  • Project Title: Warrior Spirit Medication Assisted Treatment Expansion Program
  • Grant Period: RCORP-MAT Grantee (09/2019 – 08/2022)
  • Program Representative Interviewed: Randy Moss, PhD
  • Location: Grantsville, Utah
  • Program Overview: Skull Valley Health Services operates the Skull Valley Health Clinic (SVHC) and provides medical and behavioral health services to the Skull Valley Band of Goshute Indians. The program serves tribal members and Medicaid and Medicare populations living within the catchment area and provides medication-assisted treatment (MAT) services through the primary care clinic. The majority of program participants are American Indian or Alaska Native.

    Patients receiving MAT services meet with a primary care physician twice a week during the beginning of their time in the program. The program requires patients to participate in urinalysis and blood work if they are receiving MAT services, and program staff connect patients with a case manager who is in contact with the patient at least twice a week. The program also offers a residential treatment center that provides treatment focused on sobriety, Native American healing wisdom and ceremony, evidence-based practices, and a 12-step recovery model. Program staff include psychologists, substance use disorder counselors, and case managers.

    The program provides a continuum of care during which patients remain on medication while progressing through the program. Patients typically stay in the program for 140 days, after which they have the option to live in a transition home. Program participants can stay in the transition home for up to six months while they search for employment and housing. Program participants also have the option to stay in a sober living home for an indefinite amount of time after they have graduated from the program if needed. The program provides case management services to participants for at least six months after graduation and is dedicated to providing a sustainable continuum of care.

Models represented by this program: