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Rural Health Information Hub

Resources for Targeting Audiences

Information in this module was developed, in part, using these resources:

Area Health Education Centers: A Role in Enhancing the Rural Practice Environment
Assesses the role of Area Health Education Centers (AHECs) in supporting the practices of rural healthcare providers.
Author(s): Brown, J.G.
Organization(s): Office of the Inspector General
Date: 5/1995

Bridging the Evidence Gap in Obesity Prevention: A Framework to Inform Decision Making
Describes how a systems approach can be used to understand and conduct research on obesity.
Author(s): Kumanyika, S., Parker, L., & Sim, L.
Organization(s): Institute of Medicine, National Academies Press
Date: 2010

The Future of the Public’s Health in the 21st Century
Reviews recent achievements, hidden vulnerabilities, and other complex issues that may affect the health of Americans in the future.
Organization(s): Institute of Medicine, National Academies Press
Date: 2003

Population-Based Prevention of Obesity: The Need for Comprehensive Promotion of Healthful Eating, Physical Activity, and Energy Balance
Discusses population-based approaches, special considerations, and environmental and policy approaches, among other topics, on obesity prevention.
Author(s): Kumanyika, S., Obarzanek, E., Stettler, N., et al.
Citation: Circulation, 118(4), 428-464
Organization(s): American Heart Association
Date: 7/2008

The Spectrum of Prevention: Developing a Comprehensive Approach to Injury Prevention
Describes the Spectrum of Prevention, a framework comprised of six action levels for preventing injury and promoting health.
Author(s): Cohen, L. & Swift, S.
Citation: Injury Prevention, 5, 203-207
Date: 1999