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Rural Health Information Hub

Module 5: Addressing Obesity in Different Settings

There is no one-size-fits-all approach for implementing programs to prevent and address overweight and obesity. Choosing a program requires communities to assess their needs and resources, find an appropriate model program, and then adjust that model to fit the community. (See Module 4: Developing Interventions)

This module presents interventions that rural communities can explore, select, adapt, and/or modify as needed. The interventions are organized by three settings: clinics, schools, and communities. However, many of these models can be implemented or adapted for use in a variety of settings. Model summaries include information about:

To learn how to identify and adapt interventions, see Developing a Rural Community Health Program in the Rural Community Health Toolkit.

  • Strength of existing evidence of effectiveness
  • Whether programs target individual-level behavior change, or policy, systems, and environment (PSE) changes
  • Whether they have been tested in a rural setting
  • Links to additional information

In this module: