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Twin City Hospital Corporation

  • Project Title: Trinity Hospital Twin City Fit for Life Program
  • Grant Period: 2012-2015
  • Program Representative Interviewed: Jennifer Demuth, Marketing Coordinator
  • Intervention Setting: Clinical
  • Program Overview: The goal of the Fit for Life health education curriculum is to decrease the number of overweight or obese men and women in Tuscarawas County and surrounding areas. In addition to promoting weight loss, the program is also designed to support disease control. The 12-week curriculum, implemented through weekly 90-minute sessions, provides participants with an overview of the obesity crisis, presenting information on nutrition, fitness, and chronic disease prevention. Participants develop customized fitness and diet plans with Fit for Life staff and discuss topics like cardiovascular fitness, strength conditioning, food labels, and nutrition. In addition to the core Fit for Life classes, the program conducts health risk assessments and other wellness presentations. On average, participants lose approximately seven pounds and see a nine-point decrease in total cholesterol over the course of the program.

Resources required for implementing program

  • Implementation staff
  • Space to implement program
  • For evaluation, clinical tools to collect and analyze biomarkers

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