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Module 2: Evidence-Based and Promising Models of Early Childhood Health Promotion Programs

There are many models for promoting childhood health and wellness. Communities can adopt models that fit the needs of their individual community. No single approach is right for every community — some communities may need to implement more than one model or adapt a model to fit their needs. To learn how to identify and adapt program models, see Developing a Rural Community Health Program in the Rural Community Health Toolkit.

This module describes four categories for early childhood health promotion programs: home-based models; childcare center-based models; healthcare-based models; and community-based models. These four models have been successfully implemented in rural areas to promote childhood health and improve certain health outcomes, such as childhood obesity.

The models address various components of children's health, including physical activity, nutrition, breastfeeding, and trauma exposure. Most interventions are focused directly on young children, and some focus on families through parenting skills, education, and building their capacity to create healthy environments for children.

In this module: