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Rural Health Information Hub

Module 3: Program Clearinghouse

There are many programs that focus on promoting early childhood health and wellness and preventing outcomes such as childhood obesity in rural communities. This module provides examples of programs implemented successfully in rural communities.

Evidence-based and promising organizations and programs that have outlets for rural communities are featured in Module 2.

In this module:

  • La Leche League
    Project Title: La Leche League of Colorado and Wyoming
    Synopsis: La Leche League is a grassroots, community-based breastfeeding support group that functions entirely by volunteers.
  • University of Florida/Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Extension
    Project Title: Food Smart Families in Taylor County
    Synopsis: This community-based program provides healthy living classes to children and their families.
  • ARcare and the Arkansas Delta States Health Network
    Project Title: Let's Go! 5-2-1-0
    Synopsis: This community and school hybrid program provides healthy living education to children and provides training to their educators, elected officials, and other community members.
  • Notah Begay III Foundation
    Project Title: Drop Sugary Drinks! Community Partner
    Synopsis: The Notah Begay III Foundation partnered with the Waimanalo Health Center to support a culturally sensitive early childhood wellness group for Native Hawaiians.
  • Illinois CATCH Onto Health Consortium
    Project Title: Illinois CATCH Onto Health
    Synopsis: This school-based program is implemented in preschool through eighth grade in seven counties in Southern Illinois
  • EatMoveGrow
    Synopsis: A federally-funded grant program that works with underserved schools and communities in Southeast Louisiana.