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Illinois CATCH Onto Health Consortium

  • Project Title: Illinois CATCH Onto Health
  • Grant Period: 2016-2019
  • Program Representative Interviewed: Jeff Franklin, Illinois Delta Project Director, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine – The Center for Rural Health and Social Service Development
  • Location: Carbondale, Illinois
  • Program Overview: The Illinois CATCH Onto Health Consortium promotes positive health behaviors and physical activity in schools to prevent and reduce childhood obesity starting as early as pre-K. Through this initiative, the program has reached over 75% of 106 eligible schools in the Illinois Delta Region. Participating schools have received continuous support with creating healthier school environments through partnership with school health services and wellness teams as well as creating inclusive wellness policies and implementing strategies to increase activity levels during physical education classes. The program uses evidence-based programming and has incorporated social and emotional focused components to reflect overall health and wellness. The program engages school staff, including teachers, physical education teachers, and school nutritional service staff, as well as the children's families and guardians as partners.

Read about a previously funded project: CATCH Onto Health!: Coordinated Approach to Child Health in RHIhub's Rural Obesity Prevention Toolkit.

Models represented by this program: