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Rural Health Information Hub

Lewis County Public Health and Lewis County Community Services

  • Project Title: Lewis County Suicide Prevention Coalition
  • Program Representative Interviewed: Patricia Fralick, Anna Platz, and Melanie Saber
  • Location: Lewis County, NY
  • Program Overview: The Lewis County Suicide Prevention Coalition seeks to support and empower community members in Lewis County, New York by providing knowledge and education about suicide prevention. The coalition is a countywide effort that began as a grassroots response to two teen suicides in a short period of time. The Coalition offers a range of educational, outreach, and support services. They deliver training to community members for suicide prevention, create safe environments by engaging in a partnership with local sportsmen's clubs to distribute gun locks, and provide postvention support to survivors, community members, and others. To break down stigma, they participate in community events to normalize mental health and inform residents of available services.

    Coalition members include representatives from public health, social services, behavioral health, multiple local K-12 schools, the local chapter of the Veteran's Administration, a local funeral home, and suicide loss survivors, among others. They typically volunteer their time to support coalition activities. They are familiar with local resources and services and leverage existing relationships to build strong community partnerships. This includes collaborating with surrounding suicide, substance use, and opioid overdose prevention coalitions to share resources and achieve similar goals.

Models represented by this program: