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Module 3: Program Clearinghouse

The HRSA Federal Office of Rural Health Policy has funded several programs in rural areas with the goal of preventing suicides as part of the 330A Outreach Authority program. This program focuses on expanding access to healthcare services in rural areas.

Examples of current 330A Outreach Authority grantees and other organizations that have developed promising programs designed to prevent suicides in a rural community are provided below. Evidence-based and promising service models for preventing suicide are available in Module 2.

  • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
    Project Title: Out of the Darkness Community Walks
    Synopsis: Out of the Darkness Community Walks are held to raise public awareness and support for suicide prevention.
  • FirstLink Suicide Support Services
    Project Title: FirstLink Suicide Support Services
    Synopsis: FirstLink offers several programs and services designed to prevent suicide, including a suicide hotline, community education and outreach, suicide prevention training for professionals and organizations, and a variety of evidence-based training programs.
  • New Hampshire Firearm Safety Coalition
    Project Title: The Gun Shop Project
    Synopsis: This program works to engage with gun shop owners to recognize and respond to signs of suicide among their customers.
  • Sources of Strength
    Project Title: Sources of Strength
    Synopsis: This project works to prevent suicide by building resiliency and community connectedness through community education, training, and awareness efforts.
  • Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium
    Project Title: Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium (SEARHC)
    Synopsis: This program has taken a multifaceted approach to their suicide prevention programs, with an emphasis on Alaskan Native traditions as a tool to build resiliency in communities.
  • The Suicide Prevention Coalition and the Jesse Klump Memorial Fund
    Project Title: Save a Shore Farmer
    Synopsis: This project's goal is to increase awareness of the issue of suicide for farmers and their families, and to provide resources.
  • Tulare County
    Project Title: Tulare County Suicide Prevention Task Force
    Synopsis: This project's suicide prevention efforts include expanded screening efforts and supports for survivors of suicide (someone who has lost a loved one to suicide).