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Collecting Data for Suicide Prevention Programs

Once the evaluation measures have been decided, the data for these measures must be collected. The way data will be collected depends on the type of data used in the evaluation. Some measures may be easy to track, like the number of participants in a program. For other measures, surveys or interviews with participants may be needed. In many cases, a mixture of qualitative and quantitative data will be used to provide a complete picture of the success of a program.

Partners and stakeholders can provide even more meaningful data to inform a program's evaluation. Because of their connection, reach, and vantage point, they can provide input that gives rich variety to the data. Working with a trusted community partner with strong relationships with community members may help provide for richer, more meaningful data to inform the program evaluation.

Resources to Learn More

Core Competency: Data and Surveillance
Offers suggestions about the types of data to be included in a suicide prevention evaluation plan, and how to collect that data.
Organization(s): Suicide Prevention Resource Center