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Program Funding for Suicide Prevention Programs

Financial support is critical for a rural suicide prevention program to get started, but it is also essential to ensuring continued sustainability of the program. State, federal, or private foundation grants can help support a program but are often limited to a few years. Some grants may be available for renewal, but programs should consider other sources of funding as well to sustain the program.

Programs may turn to individual donations or partnerships with local organizations for additional funding. Another way of obtaining funds while simultaneously raising interest in the program is by hosting fundraising events. Financial support can also be indirect in the form of gifts-in-kind from local businesses such as discounts or providing services, facility space, or staff time pro bono. By having financial support from multiple sources (also referred to as funding diversification), programs have higher security and are more likely to be sustainable long term.

Funders tend to be most interested in supporting programs that will have an impact, which is one reason evaluation is important. A thorough evaluation can demonstrate whether the program is achieving its goals and making a difference for those it serves.

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