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Resource Considerations for Implementing Suicide Prevention Programs

When starting a program, consider the resources necessary and available for the program, including facilities, staffing, funding, and materials. Financial resources and volunteers are particularly important considerations for rural suicide prevention programs.

Financial Resources

Funding is essential for nearly any suicide prevention program. However, financial resources to launch and sustain a program can be hard to find. Having a strong network of community partners can help support this need. Partners can help fund the program directly, offer insight on how to obtain funds, or provide discounted goods, services, staffing, or facility space.

State or federal grants can also provide financial assistance for programs, including those that are just starting out. Grant funding is typically limited to a few years, though some grants can be renewed. Additionally, philanthropic organizations and corporations sometimes fund suicide prevention work. Sustainable funding models often include multiple types and funding sources.

For current funding opportunities for suicide prevention programs, see Rural Funding & Opportunities by Topic in the Rural Health Information Hub Online Library.


In addition to program staff, many suicide prevention programs rely heavily on community involvement and volunteer support. This can help save the program money, but volunteers may face more barriers to long-term commitment than employees. However, people may be motivated to make a difference following the tragedy of suicide in their community. For many survivors of suicide, being involved with a program to help prevent more suicides is a positive way for them to cope with loss and make an impact in their community. When including volunteers in a suicide prevention program, it's important to have a clear plan in place for the types of activities volunteers will participate in and lead. This will help keep volunteers engaged long term and ensure a positive experience for both the volunteers and the people they serve.

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