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Resources by Topic: Social determinants of health

Indiana Healthy Opportunities for People Everywhere (I-HOPE)
A statewide program in Indiana to address health disparities among minority and rural citizens. Collaborates with various partners to improve nutrition, affordable housing, transportation, childcare issues, and employment, among others. Details funding opportunities for community projects and offers program resources such as contact information for regional field teams and interactive maps related to program goals.
Type: Website
Sponsoring organizations: Indiana Department of Health, Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering at Purdue University
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Exploring Rural Health Podcast
A monthly podcast focused on current issues in rural healthcare and population health. Features leaders and experts at the local, state, and national level discussing solutions to help meet rural communities' needs.
Type: Audio
Sponsoring organization: Rural Health Information Hub
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A Primer for Multi-Sector Health Partnerships in Rural Areas and Small Cities
Provides an overview of community-level investments in rural communities and small cities to support healthy lives through multi-sector efforts. Discusses the roles of healthcare, rural philanthropy, and community development organizations in supporting community health. Provides a toolbox that explores key terms, offers case studies, data sources, and links to national and local partners.
Type: Website
Sponsoring organization: Build Healthy Places Network
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Social Determinants of Health Database
Provides data files reflecting social determinants of health (SDOH) variables, including social context, economic context, education, physical infrastructure, and healthcare context that is linkable by county or zip code. Data are curated from federal and other public datasets.
Type: Database
Sponsoring organization: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
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Roots of Health Inequity Project
Offers a web-based course and learning collaborative designed for the local public health workforce to explore the social determinants of health and the root causes of inequity in the distribution of disease, illness, and death. Participants are responsible for identifying underlying themes and discussing how they relate to specific organizations and communities.
Type: Tutorial/Training
Sponsoring organizations: National Association of County and City Health Officials, National Institutes of Health
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State Approaches for Addressing Rural Social Determinants of Health
Recommends state and federal tactics to improve social determinants of health and address rural health disparities. Covers transportation, broadband, income, and educational attainment.
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: Association of State and Territorial Health Officials
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Mapping High Risk Areas for COVID-19
An interactive web-based mapping tool focused on identifying priority areas for the COVID-19 pandemic. Offers data on health conditions, demographics, and social determinants that may make a population more vulnerable to COVID-19. Also includes the location of hospitals. Part of the HealthLandscape set of tools.
Type: Map/Mapping System
Sponsoring organization: American Academy of Family Physicians
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COVID-19 Health Equity Interactive Dashboard
Interactive map containing county- and state-level data on COVID-19 vaccination, cases, and deaths in the U.S. Illustrates relationships between COVID-19 outcomes and various social determinants of health, such as population density, poverty, underlying health conditions, urban/rural status, and more.
Type: Map/Mapping System
Sponsoring organization: Emory University
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CDC's Social Vulnerability Index (SVI)
Identifies communities that may need support to prepare for and recover from disasters. Offers rankings by census tract based on 15 U.S. Census indicators focused on four themes: socioeconomic status; household composition; race, ethnicity, and language; and housing and transportation.
Additional links: County Maps, Interactive Map
Type: Website
Sponsoring organization: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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Community Resilience Estimates
Offers state and county profiles focused on community resilience, the capacity of community members to deal with and recover from a disaster and its related health, social, and economic impacts. Identifies risk factors for households and individuals, such as poverty level, unemployment, language barriers, and health status, and shares the risk factor results by county within each state and by census tract within each county. Also provides access to a supplemental data set focused on social vulnerability and equity.
Additional links: Community Resilience Estimates Equity Supplement (CRE for Equity)
Type: Website
Sponsoring organization: U.S. Census Bureau
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