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Rural Health Information Hub

Module 3: Program Clearinghouse

This module provides information on organizations that have implemented health promotion and disease prevention programs in rural communities. Some of these organizations were funded by the HRSA Federal Office of Rural Health Policy, through the 330A Outreach Authority program, which focuses on expanding access to healthcare services in rural areas. Other examples of rural programs for health promotion and disease prevention are available in the Rural Models and Innovations section. Information on theories, strategies, and models for health promotion and disease prevention programs in rural communities are available in Module 2.

  • District Health Department #10
    Project Title: Dental Partnering for Heart Health
    Synopsis: Program in Michigan that aims to reduce the risk of heart disease in high-risk populations through partnerships with dental and health clinics.
  • Heartland Rural Health Network
    Project Title: Diabetes Master Clinician Program
    Synopsis: Empowers and supports low-income, uninsured, underinsured high-risk, and clinically ill individuals and their families by fostering the necessary skills and behaviors to effectively manage diabetes and/or cardiovascular disease.
  • Rural Health Works
    Project Title: Southeast Georgia Obesity Prevention Network
    Synopsis: Program that uses a family-centric approach and behavioral therapists to reduce childhood obesity in their community.
  • Tri-County Health Network
    Project Title: Integrated Patient Health Navigators
    Synopsis: Program that is intended to help patients manage chronic diseases, particularly heart disease and diabetes, and address related social needs.
  • Trinity Hospital Twin City
    Project Title: Fit for Life
    Synopsis: Wellness programming to decrease barriers to health and wellness information and to increase the number of community members who exercise and have healthy diets.
  • Westchester-Ellenville Hospital
    Project Title: Family Wellness Program
    Synopsis: Program that uses community health workers to reduce childhood obesity, overall rates of chronic disease, and teen pregnancy in their community.
  • Western Upper Peninsula Health Department
    Project Title: CATCH UP Project
    Synopsis: Program to reduce and eliminate risk factors and risk-related behaviors of students through policy, systems, and environmental changes.
  • Wirt County Health Services
    Project Title: Food Access through Rural, Medical And Community Systems (FARMACY) Program
    Synopsis: Health promotion program that integrates food access, healthcare access, and health education to reduce hypertension, stroke, and cancer in their community.