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Rural Health Information Hub

Module 6: Program Clearinghouse

Other rural communities are currently implementing health promotion and disease prevention programs and resources from their work are available to help guide other communities. The Rural Health Information Hub website presents a collection of programs and resources for program development and implementation in wellness, health promotion, and disease prevention.

The HRSA Federal Office of Rural Health Policy funded rural communities to implement health promotion and disease prevention programs through the 330A Outreach Authority program which focuses on expanding access to healthcare services in rural areas.

Examples of current and past 330A grantees and other evidence based and promising practices related to health promotion and disease prevention are included below. Additional information on health promotion and disease prevention program models is available in Module 2.

  • Ephraim McDowell Health Care Foundation, Inc.
    Project Title: Healthy People, Healthy Communities
    Synopsis: Provide cardiovascular disease risk awareness, outreach, screening, and case management to those at high risk and with limited access to care.
  • Future Generations Rural America
    Project Title: West Virginia Community Health Worker Network.
    Synopsis: Mobilizes and builds the capacity of representatives from community groups to integrate health activities, and overtime establish cultural norms that support positive health behaviors and address policy and systems barriers to healthy living.
  • Heartland Rural Health Network
    Project Title: Diabetes Master Clinician Program
    Synopsis: Empower and support low-income, uninsured, underinsured high-risk, and clinically ill individuals and their families by fostering the necessary skills and behaviors to effectively manage diabetes and/or cardiovascular disease.
  • Lake Cumberland District Health Department
    Project Title: A Stitch in Time or STITCH
    Synopsis: Worksite wellness program focused on improving health and well-being through a comprehensive program that includes education, physical activity opportunities, and health and dental services.
  • Montgomery County Health Department, Kentucky
    Project Title: The Bridge/El Puente
    Synopsis: Provides case management and access to care for the uninsured, with a focus on improving outcomes associated with chronic disease in a Hispanic population.
  • Saint Francis Medical Center
    Project Title: Southeast Missouri Lung Cancer Outreach
    Synopsis: Effort to decrease deaths caused by lung cancer by helping patients live healthier and more productive lives, raising awareness of the deadly impacts of the disease, and educating and empowering adult smokers to actively participate in their treatment and care.
  • Bridges to Wellness
    Project Title: Eat Better. Move More!
    Synopsis: An initiative to improve the health of local residents by increasing physical activity and improving healthy eating habits.
  • St. James Healthcare Foundation
    Project Title: Butte Community Diabetes Network
    Synopsis: Address diabetes in the county and surrounding area by providing consistent care, making referrals, and providing diabetes prevention education and awareness.
  • Trinity Hospital Twin City
    Project Title: Fit for Life
    Synopsis: Wellness programming to decrease barriers to health and wellness information and to increase the number of community members who exercise and have healthy diets.
  • Western Upper Peninsula Health Department
    Project Title: CATCH UP Project
    Synopsis: Program to reduce and eliminate risk factors and risk-related behaviors of students through policy, systems, and environmental changes.