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Other Resources Needed to Support Programs

The types of resources needed for rural oral health programs depend on the goals of the program and the program model. Education and outreach programs require culturally appropriate curricula and education materials. Mobile dental van programs require a reliable vehicle that can hold portable dental equipment and supplies. Clinic-based programs require space and supplies, among other resources. General categories of resources include:

Community Support
Programs have developed advisory committees to gain community support. Advisory committees may include dentists and dental hygienists, administrative personnel from the hospital and dental school in the community, and staff from Area Health Education Centers (AHECs).

Training Materials
Programs require materials and curricula that can help staff to provide services to the intended population. If the program has an educational component, it is important to use education and outreach materials that are tailored to the unique cultural and linguistic needs of the population served.

Dental clinic programs or outreach programs may distribute supplies such as brochures, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental floss to individuals.

Physical Space
Some oral health programs rely on schools and other organizations to contribute physical space for education or dental clinic activities. For example, a local hospital may house a dental clinic.

Mobile dental van programs require a reliable vehicle that can hold portable dental equipment and other supplies.

Programs that provide sealants or fluoride varnish to children in schools need to secure permission from the school and from parents.

Programs may need to purchase insurance for some of their program components. For example, to serve patients in a mobile dental van, programs will need to buy auto insurance.

Resources to Learn More

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Provides a variety of resources for starting and expanding a health center dental clinic covering topics on operations and financial management, health information technology, budget planning, dental forms such as consent forms, and customer service training.
Organization(s): National Network for Oral Health Access (NNOHA)